Intelligent message filter not updating

Once you have made the change, restart the SMTP Service in the Services applet.

There is more information on the update process in MS KB article 907747 ( You can easily monitor how many messages the filter is blocking (or would block if no archiving settings are set) by using perfmon. The performance object that you want is "MSExchange Intelligent Message Filter" You can select all of the objects if you wish, however unless you are under heavy load, the top one (% of UCE Messages scanned in the last 30 minutes) and the LAST one (UCE Messages Acted Upon/sec) don't tend to provide much information of interest.

You can learn more about how to filter your emails here:

With Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 Microsoft introduced their spam detection tool "Intelligent Message Filter" (IMF) as a built in component of Exchange. This article explains how to enable the feature, and then working with the results.

Open the registry editor and move down to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange Create a new DWORD in the root of that location (usually by right clicking on Exchange) called Content Filter State Give the new DWORD key a vale of 1 and close the registry editor.

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There are two steps to enable the Intelligent Message Filter.

Many people carry out the first, but fail to do the second.

The update comes down with automatic updates, however make sure that you have updated to Microsoft Update so that you get non Windows updates.

If you are using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), then make sure that you have enabled Exchange server as a product to download updates for, and updates for IMF will be distributed through that mechanism.

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