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In 2012, Inga Aalia and Kjetil Duvold described the situation of the LGBT minority in Lithuania as “fear and loathing”, pointing out homophobic attitudes and a lack of tolerance among the population and the political elites, as well as attempts by the latter to amend laws and ban public events promoting tolerance of LGBT persons.5 According to the International Lesbian and Gay, Trans and Intersex Association’s (ILGA) ranking of 49 countries, in 2012 Lithuania had a higher rating than such countries as Italy, Estonia, Greece, Poland, Cyprus, Latvia, and Malta.

6 This year Lithuania was ranked 38th — the second worst among the EU countries (its neighbor Latvia was the worst EU member).7 For comparison, Malta was the best and Azerbaijan was the worst place to be an LGBTI person in the past 12 months.

When asked about the awareness campaigns addressing discrimination against LGB persons, two-thirds of Lithuanian respondents answered affirmatively (81% in Estonia; EU average: 65%).

According to a 2015 Eurobarometer survey, only one-third of Lithuanians thought that there was nothing wrong with sexual relations between two persons of the same sex (the lowest score of 23% in Latvia, 40% in Estonia; EU average: 67%) and around one-fourth agreed that same-sex marriage should be allowed throughout Europe (the lowest score of 17% in Bulgaria, 31% in Estonia; EU average: 61%).

Second, if one compares Lithuania’s standing in 20, one sees not so much deterioration as a lack of progress.

From a comparative perspective, Lithuania’s legal framework for LGBT rights remains quite limited and does not permit, for example, marriage or registered partnership.

This can be compared to 51% in Estonia, 73% in Latvia, and 32% as the EU average.

Today it is the main actor litigating on behalf of the LGBT community.It was the third time that such an event has been organized in Lithuania during its 26 years of independence and 12 years of European Union (EU) membership.In contrast to the previous Baltic Pride parades (in 20), this time the Municipality of Vilnius did not contest the details of the event, and for the first time it could take place without the intervention of national courts.In 2013, the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania decided in favor of the LGL, which for the first time requested that the Baltic Pride march should take place in the central street of Vilnius.The Supreme Administrative Court made its decision in light of the ECHR reiterating the caselaw of the Strasbourg Court, which had established that “the state has positive obligations to secure that all groups, including those belonging to minorities and holding unpopular views, can take advantage of the freedom of assembly.”16 On the other hand, not all decisions of the courts have been favorable to the applicants.

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In the case of Lithuania, the role of domestic courts has been mixed.

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