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You can only chat with someone you have liked and they’ve like you back.

In the Profile menu, you can change your profile picture and preferences to get more matches.

From the little data I got, I could see there was an opportunity to design something that people might be interested in.

Most people in the survey said they didn’t really use dating apps.

Some had dabbled in Tinder and Bumble but not many had actually found good enough matches.

Most cited their mistrust of dating apps as it seems that the people on there are more into hookups, which can be a turn off for people who want more things like casual dating.(If you’re in Ghana and are interested in taking the survey, you can click the link below:https://jk24.typeform.com/to/o Kgpv W)From the data gathering from the survey, it looked like the design of the onboarding process would be crucial.

With that in mind, I took into consideration that users would want options as who they would want to be matched up with on the app.

Below is a Lo-Fi design for the onboarding process.” process.

Our approach at GIL Ghana is one of the leading traceable calibration laboratories offering instrument calibration services in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.Well, there are apps like Tinder and Bumble where anyone can sign up but it can sometimes be a ghost town and more often than not, there can be some “suspicious” characters on these apps especially in Ghana.So I set off on a design challenge to try and design a dating app specifically for Ghana.But in the world of technology, people are finding ways to connect online especially through social media.So why aren’t there a lot of dating apps or platforms specifically for Ghana?

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