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I learned what self care was all about and I stopped thinking about dating all together.I started to enjoy being single – it meant I had more time for all those single girlie things I love doing like eating take out in bed, putting on black clay face masks at night, and watching cheesy rom coms/Bravo!One week, while I was out and about walking Charlie, I happened to pass this tall, dark handsome man – Derek – 6 times!On the 6th time of passing him, I saw him stop at his mailbox which happens to be 2 doors down from mine (I now know he purposely stopped ;)), and just said, “Hi I’m Kat – I’m your neighbor!

My former assistant married the most wonderful guy and looked like an absolute princess!

It was so special to attend a wedding with Derek…I must admit I couldn’t help fantasize about my own someday!

A few of you have been asking about how Derek and I met so I thought I’d share our story here…About 9 months ago I had “given up” on dating.

As always, art reflects life; what we see on the screen reflects evolved preferences for romantic partners of different ages.

Men, and especially older men, generally prefer younger women because such a preference has helped them to achieve greater reproductive success throughout human evolutionary history.

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