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They’re doing what they’ve learned they need to do to protect their heart (and their stress level).

I think we all know that a slasher horror film isn’t a great first date movie unless you know the other person’s tastes well.

I quickly walked through the house and got the feeling it was in the kitchen area.

I stopped, held out my hands, closed my eyes and turned in a circle.

I can usually locate items for my husband and son without any issue.

It’s a little harder with my parents and I only occasionally have success with people I’m not attuned to. I find myself constantly feeling like I have to be the best at something or other people will judge me.

I moved the blinds aside and there was the cup sitting in the door frame - completely hidden from view, not even a bulge in the blinds.(If you’ve ever seen someone cry because of good news, they may have been highly sensitive.) As a result, HSPs take relationships slowly, especially at the beginning.Don’t be surprised if your HSP needs time to themselves or seems “lukewarm” at first. What I mean by that is that if a person I’m closely attuned to loses something, 9 out of 10 times I can find it.I had gone out to do the groceries and when I came in, husband was tearing the house apart looking for the cup because the toddler needed the blue cup, not the green one.

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