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), you’ll find yourself a much more moderate and useful person, without sacrificing a relationship.

― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings” If you already have balance in that area, then I’m surprised you even read this far.

Continue searching for self improvement and self discovery, while simultaneously searching for deeper intimacy in your relationship. Take it from someone who is incredibly imbalanced, and has had to practically learn from a textbook how to be balanced. When you are dating or are married to someone, you will spend money on them. And I don’t just mean people who are abusive or jerks (although I mean them too! If you are with someone who is the “wrong one”, the level of anxiety you experience as you move deeper into the relationship and commitment can be huge; it’s more than enough to take away your creativity.I repeat: This does not mean to neglect your partner, or stop taking them out on dates, or anything like that.It simply means that instead of choosing your partner 95% of the time, and music 5% of the time, you start choosing music 15-25% of the time, and your partner 75% of the time, or whatever ratio you feel is what you would need to be successful as a musician.I thought about trying to explain what the “wrong one” looks like, but I realized that that is simply too large of a topic for me to cover in this article; there are entire books and genres dedicated to that subject. Jump ship, cut the cord, dump the load, scatter, split, pinch the loaf, suck it up, eat an egg, shoot the deer, sweep the mice, take out the recycling, burn the trash, drink the poison, nut the sack, drop the bag, flush the crap. So don’t worry, grow a pair, and do what needs to be done so you can enjoy your life and write amazing; fulfilling music!Though I do recommend that you pay attention to the effect that the person you are with has on you. It’s easy to say, but difficult to do: If you’re with the wrong one… If they are right for you, they will come back into your life sooner or later. Now I realize that I haven’t said very much in this article that you don’t already know.

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