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Opossums, deer, and red foxes, Fisher remembers, would press their noses right up to the windows."You could make love in the front of that house on a Saturday night and nobody would ever see you," she volunteers with a notably nontheoretical air.She's an independent scholar affiliated with the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in Rutgers University's anthropology department and a senior research fellow at Indiana University's famed Kinsey Institute.

To try to prove her theory, she turned to a new technology for watching the human brain at work—functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI).

But Fisher did put herself through grad school in Boulder, earning a Ph D in physical anthropology in 1975 at the University of Colorado and landing back in New York City as a research associate in anthropology at the AMNH.

"I never looked for a regular academic job," she says.

"I grew up in a glass house designed by Eliot Noyes, right up the hill from Philip Johnson's glass house," says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher.

"I used to swim in Johnson's swimming pool." This was in the 1950s and '60s, and these renowned monuments to suburban modernism were situated, with abundant space between them and trees all around, along a dirt road in New Canaan, Connecticut.

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