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The dicasts were selected by lot, every citizen over 30 years old being eligible.In rare cases of great political importance, the whole had to be initiated by summoning the defendant (who might be under arrest) to the magistrate having jurisdiction in the matter and by filing a written complaint with the latter, who would subject it to a preliminary examination ().Their judgment was final between the parties, but the loser might bring a private tort action (In distinct contrast with the Greek philosophy of justice, the positive law of ancient Greece had little influence on later developments.Its concepts and methods did, of course, widely determine the legislation and practice of Hellenistic monarchies, and a few institutions of Greek origin, such as the “Rhodian” maritime law of jettison or certain methods of documentation (mostly Hellenistic, to be sure), were adopted by the Romans.

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No, There is no connection between the writing of Ancient Egypt and the writing of China.

However, both systems have a similarity: they are both picture writing (also callled pictographic or logographic writing), where one symbol represents a whole word or idea instead of a sound.

Contrary to views held some decades ago, however, the late Roman law, and with it west European legal doctrine, did not undergo any notable degree of Hellenization.

Only in the customs of isolated places in Greece itself do some ancient traditions seem to survive; their extent is still a problem for legal historians.

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A similar writing system to hieroglyphics is cuneiform, ancient Sumerian writing, but they didn't use characters and symbols like the Egyptians.

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