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This series was labeled a "love story show", since it seemed most of the series was based around Chrissy & Clay.Season 2, or aka "Home For The Holidays" is a special set of 4 episodes.The series aired for three seasons and was primarily focused on the personal lives of several students attending Laguna Beach High School.Its premise was originated with Liz Gateley, while Tony Di Santo served as the executive producer.

Her footage here runs about 70 minutes so we decided to pair her with another woman from the past who had a very similar physique - and peaked biceps as well- Nina Melidosian.She injured herself after doing an easy set of 18 chin ups so we moved right away to posing in a bikini and dresses and did an update interview with her.This new footage runs about 80 minutes, so we added the full 80 minutes from her 2002 shooting, which was originally on WPW 492.The series debuted August 13, 2007 and concluded on January 2, 2008.Laguna Beach was initially developed as a documentary of teens living in the wealthy, beachside community of the same name.

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We say the following often, but this time it really holds true- 2 of the best looking physique women ever!

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