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Never mind that they were like my brothers and weren’t my type; I just wanted nothing more than to rinse off the turf and sweat and get some Gatorade and grub. I don’t think your remarks about gays not being accepted in the NFL, and being nervous about being the shower with a gay teammate come from a place of hate. Look back to when the first woman tried to run the Boston Marathon, when Jackie Robinson entered Major League Baseball, or when female reporters finally gained access to professional male athlete locker rooms.

Let’s take a look at what a locker room and shower look like with 100 football guys in it. I loved my teammates, but let’s be honest, not every football player looks like they can be on the cover of "Men’s Health." Imagine a big room that has sweaty, nasty workout clothes hanging everywhere, tape and other garbage lurking in corners, and a toilet area that doesn’t exactly smell like roses. And when you get in the shower, all you think about is avoiding icy cold water, pee in the drains (don’t lie, you do it too), and the backside of some offensive lineman that desperately needs bathing. I think they come from a place of fear, lack of experience and insecurity. Having openly gay teammates will be a first for many players in the upcoming years.

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Locker rooms are smelly, dirty and anything but erotic, writes Scott Cooper, who played linebacker in college as an openly gay man.

Fear of having a gay teammate comes from lack of experience and insecurity.

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