Funny dating games

Start by just sitting near each other and separately imagining these dark things.

Later if you like you can start to dance.#16 Doubt Club.

Ask them if they want to join the game and continue.

Variation: instead of guessing about people’s lives and characters, guess about their fantasies.

More like this: If you like this, check out Stranger Danger, a more formal version.#6 No Reply.

After each proposal, you can make a list of reasons to do it, and reasons against.They can also ask to learn certain skills, or to have certain kinds of experiences.You can both use this PDF, which provides menus of questions to ask about the environment, and types of skill and virtues and experiences to ask for.#13 Aversion/Attraction Dice. Every 10 or 20 minutes, you’ll roll a six sided die.If the number is 1 or 2, you share something about the other person that attracts you; if it’s 3 or 4, something repulsive or that you’re averse to; if 5 or 6, something you could care less about.#14 Co-Counseling.You’ll set a timer for 5 or 10 minutes, and you’ll listen while your friend says what they’re feeling in the moment, each moment.

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