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Don’t bother building a long friendship; here’s why. Maybe I’ll just be friends first.” Five months later you ask her to help you get an interview and she starts to wonder, “Was this guy being my friend just so I good help him get a job?

The first problem with the “friends first” approach is that you’re not being honest about your intentions, which makes it hard to build a true friendship. ” In our case, “Was this guy just being my friend because he wanted to go out with me? Nobody likes to lose a friend or take the chance of losing a friend. In one case they lose you as a friend if the date doesn’t work out.

One of the dating services for meeting local people is Lakeland speed dating.

At some point in Catholic communities you meet someone you like and you’re caught at a potential decision point—should I date this person now, or just be friends? The first approach says, “Just be friends for a while and move slowly into dating.” The other approach says, “Make an effort to date that person now.” Nine times out of ten the right thing to do is to try and date that person first.

There are many national and international speed dating and online dating companies.It doesn’t mean that a Carly may not have her friend “Jim-the-guy-with-organic-chem-notes” as man of honor at her wedding and vice versa.It just means that when it comes with intimate, lifelong, dependable friendships the odds will always be that that person will end up being someone of the same sex.This article was co-authored by Jessica Engle, MFT, RDT.Jessica Engle is a relationship coach and psychotherapist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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