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Police collect substantial DNA evidence to charge Paul with the crime.Can the content on Natalie’s My Space page be used against Paul in trial?The Internet undoubtedly provides a new vehicle for social connection and networking, linking people together based on common interests and without heed to geographic limitations.

They post messages to one another about their sexual desires and intentions with one another, and about plans to meet.

Consequently, it is important to consider the prosecutorial utility of the data and information collected from these types of investigations and searches of computer files, and whether this electronic evidence be admissible at trial. Scenario 1: Natalie and Paul on My Space A 14-year old girl named Natalie creates a My Space account with pictures that feature her in highly sexualized clothing and positions.

She also writes a blog on My Space where she discusses a variety of adolescent issues, such as her daily rants against her curfew, a crush on the quarterback, and the newest fashion craze.

One of Corporation X’s employees, Che, maintains a personal blog through Blogger.

He posts nearly everyday a variety of subjects ranging from music to politics, and even some “ The Office”-like posts about his job with Corporation X.

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In one case, a 22-year old man traveled from New Jersey to Connecticut to molest an 11-year-old girl while her parents slept upstairs [8].

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