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As a result of the Commission’s finding, the firm entered into a conciliation agreement with the Commission and agreed to pay a civil penalty.

The President, at the time of deposit of the instrument of acceptance of participation of the United States in the Fund, shall also deposit a declaration that the United States retains for itself and its political subdivisions the right to tax salaries and emoluments paid by the Fund to its citizens or nationals and may deposit a declaration providing for reservations on other matters set forth in article 58.

In a decision that was later affirmed by the Supreme Court, the U. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled that the foreign national ban “does not restrain foreign nationals from speaking out about issues or spending money to advocate their views about issues. In AO 2016-10 (Parker), the Commission determined that a U. citizen living abroad could solicit contributions on behalf of federal candidates and committees from other U. However, the Commission advised the requestor, “Limiting your solicitations to friends and family who live in the U. and who have not, to your knowledge, lived abroad, would not obligate you to conduct further inquiry about citizenship status due to the residence of the individuals whom you solicit.” If, however, she were to obtain a copy of a valid U. passport, she would be covered by the safe harbor provision noted above. The individual also admitted that at the time of the solicitation, he knew that the person he was soliciting was a foreign national and that contributions from foreign nationals were prohibited.

It restrains them only from a certain form of expressive activity closely tied to the voting process—providing money for a candidate or political party or spending money in order to expressly advocate for or against the election of a candidate.” Bluman v. In MUR 4834, an individual admitted knowingly and willfully soliciting a contribution from a foreign national and causing a foreign contribution to be made falsely in the name of a U. The Commission entered into a conciliation agreement with the individual, and he agreed to pay a civil penalty.

Similarly, in AO 2004-26 (Weller), the Commission held that a foreign national could attend, speak at campaign events for a federal candidate, and solicit contributions to the campaign.

However, the Commission cautioned that the foreign national could not manage or participate in any of the campaign committee’s decision-making processes.

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