Error while updating eclipse

Writer Interceptor Executor$Terminal Writer Interceptor.around Write To(Writer Interceptor ~[?

Writer Interceptor Executor.proceed(Writer Interceptor ~[? The HABPanel screen was still open in a chrome tab and after clicking on a button, HABPanel showed an error message (something like “Connection lost”) and a saw this error message in my log. Server Runtime$Responder] - An I/O error has occurred while writing a response message entity to the container output stream.

Execute Produce Consume.execute Produce Consume(Execute Produce [87:org.eclipse.jetty.util:9.3.21.v20170918] at org.eclipse.thread.strategy.

Write Flusher.flush(Write ~[] at org.eclipse. Write Flusher.write(Write ~[] at org.eclipse. Abstract End Point.write(Abstract End ~[] at org.eclipse.jetty.server. Writer Interceptor Executor.proceed(Writer Interceptor ~[? Maybe try logging out of the app when done and see if that makes a difference. Keep the app open for a few minuets then close the app and see if that is when the error occurs. Mappable Exception Wrapper Interceptor.around Write To(Mappable Exception Wrapper ~[? Open your log file on PC and watch while connected to OH via your app. 49 more if i remember correctly this is common with either the ios or android apps and it just means OH was sending data to the app and the app disappeared (you turned the screen off and openhab tried to send data to your client [phone] ) If OH has a connection for some period of time then connection is lost OH thinks of this as an error.

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