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When ISSU starts, a request is sent to chassisd to check whether there are any problems related to the ISSU from a chassis perspective. Any errors encountered during an ISSU result in the creation of log messages, and ISSU continues to function without impact to traffic.If reverting to previous versions is required, the event is either logged or the ISSU is halted, so as not to create any mismatched versions on both nodes of the chassis cluster.ISSU downloads the install image as specified in the ISSU command as an argument.The image file can be a local file or located at a remote site.error: File does not exist: /var/tmp/junos-srx1k3k-12.1I20120914_srx_12q1_major2.2-539764error: Couldn't retrieve package /var/tmp/junos-srx1k3k-12.1I20120914_srx_12q1_major2.2-539764Exiting in-service-upgrade window Exiting in-service-upgrade window Chassis ISSU Aborted Chassis ISSU Aborted Chassis ISSU Aborted ISSU: IDLE ISSU aborted; exiting ISSU window.

The sample messages used in the Table 1 are from the SRX1500 device and are also applicable to all supported SRX Series devices.

For detailed information about specific system log messages, see System Log Explorer.

Use the error messages to understand the issues related to chassisd.

Ensure the node with older image is primary for all RGs 4. Reboot the rolled back node No service downtime occurs, because the primary node continues to provide required services.

Detailed console messages are displayed requesting that you manually clear existing ISSU states and restore the chassis cluster.[Aug 27 ]: Secondary node0 ready for failover. Rollback the node with the newer image using rollback command Note: use the 'node' option in the rollback command otherwise, images on both nodes will be rolled back 2.

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