Error 530 validating sender

The meaning of empty routing keys depends on the exchange implementation. basic = C: QOS S: QOS-OK / C: CONSUME S: CONSUME-OK / C: CANCEL S: CANCEL-OK / C: PUBLISH content / S: RETURN content / S: DELIVER content / C: GET ( S: GET-OK content / S: GET-EMPTY ) / C: ACK / S: ACK / C: REJECT / C: NACK / S: NACK / C: RECOVER-ASYNC / C: RECOVER S: RECOVER-OK Specify quality of service.This method requests a specific quality of service.When set, all other method fields except name and no-wait are ignored.A declare with both passive and no-wait has no effect. If set when creating a new exchange, the exchange will be marked as durable.The largest frame size that the client and server will use for the connection.Zero means that the client does not impose any specific limit but may reject very large frames if it cannot allocate resources for them.The original and extended specification downloads can be found on the protocol page.

Non-durable exchanges (transient exchanges) are purged if/when a server restarts. The routing key is used for routing messages depending on the exchange configuration. Queues can be configured in the server or created at runtime. When creating a new queue the client can specify various properties that control the durability of the queue and its contents, and the level of sharing for the queue.

Not all exchanges use a routing key - refer to the specific exchange documentation. Queues must be attached to at least one exchange in order to receive messages from publishers. If set, the server will reply with Declare-Ok if the queue already exists with the same name, and raise an error if not.

The client can use this to check whether a queue exists without modifying the server state.

Note that the frame-max limit applies principally to content frames, where large contents can be broken into frames of arbitrary size. This method opens a connection to a virtual host, which is a collection of resources, and acts to separate multiple application domains within a server.

The server may apply arbitrary limits per virtual host, such as the number of each type of entity that may be used, per connection and/or in total. This method indicates that the sender wants to close the connection. a forced shut-down) or due to an error handling a specific method, i.e. When a close is due to an exception, the sender provides the class and method id of the method which caused the exception.

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