Enterprise library modified date and time not updating

I created an item in the list from my computer set to Eastern time…Then I went to my computer set to Pacific time and created a second item.Items Date; //Create a date from the returned date/time field itm.itemsdatetime = new Date(data[i]. I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to libraries, only using one when I have use for it.Items Date); //Get a time representation of that date in milliseconds var local Time = itm.Time(); //Get the regional time offset based on the REST call to /_api/Web/Regional Settings/Time Zone //value is in minutes, must be converted to milliseconds var region Timeoffset = (SPDV. But if it makes you more efficient by all means don’t be a martyr and reinvent the wheel. Do you want to be live for all the new announcements for Share Point in 2019?the code does the following things: Ok, so let’s start with the computer in EDT and take a look at what our client side code does: What you’re probably noticing right away is that everything looks great. So 4/15/2017 am becomes 4/14/2017 pm (3 hours earlier).

The first manipulation I made was to adjust the date field to the time zone of the “server”, when I say server I mean whatever regional setting is in effect for that “page”.

So, for our scenario this means 4/15/2017 am shows up as 4/15/2017 am.

For this solution, we’re going to need to make two REST calls the first will be to get the regional time zone of the web we’re working in.

This can often happen if you’re building Share Point “applications” date/times as fixed points in time that will be used as comparators.

Ok, so let’s look at a couple of workarounds and depending on your scenario you’ll have to decide if either of them work for you.

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