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The best, and cheapest, way to do this is by creating a fireplace insert.In this video we learn how to recycle plastic bottles and make a decorative mobile.Start off by cutting the strips off of the water bottle then pinning them down to a table.After this, you will start to cross each of these with another piece to make a checkered effect. Planned obsolescence is more like it—meaning the stuff is made to break.Then, turn your phone off and don't worry about your messages.You can always reply in more detail or meet up in person later.Now with a thumbtack and a pencil make a nice hole at the center of the template. Feeling inspired by the incredible Biosphere 2 project?Make your own aquatic biosphere and witness the incredible phenomenon of a self-contained marine ecosystem right on your desk.

This tutorial shows you how to make your own papaya cucumber soap at home.

Continue reading this article to learn all about how you can survive productively and happily without a cell phone.

Just text them a quick reply letting them know you're about to turn your phone off.

Start with a cereal box, then measure and cut away the top corner at a diagonal.

Once you've cut out your magazine holder, you can further recyle magazines as decorations, or paint and stencil your own! Shopping bags are an ecological nightmare, so many modern shoppers use eco-friendly reusable shopping bags.

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