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Edison Chen stands beside Sofie Stougaard and his family.Last year, Edison Chen Sofie Stougaard used to visit baby products stores; in January this year, some friends met Sofie Stougaard, saying that her belly bulge; in April this year, there was an announcement that Sofie Stougaard had already given birth to her daughter.In 2017, he was featured in a Lazada contest where winners (contestants had to share their worst date stories) could go on a dream date with Joal.

So in this drama, Edison Chen turned into a ritual, which was to curse Lin Chi-ling for his girlfriend and something to tear X among girls.For example, she tweeted “Good morning to everyone but Joal Ong” on 10 April 2018 and shared an article on 19 April stating “Someone send this to Joal Ong #selfishbastard”.If you are impressed by Joal Ong’s portfolio of works that are still available online and is interested to work with him, here is his email, as seen on his cloudbreakr account: Social Blade lists him with a real time You Tube subscribers base of 446, with over 14k video views and a C rating as an influencer: Social Blade also estimates that Joal Ong can earn around to per year from his You Tube channel, with an estimated earning of around 23 cents to a month.Be sure to ask the majority of fans: Sofie Stougaard is where people can actually be used to rein bohemian prodigal son??Sofie Stougaard was born on August 10, 1990 in Kaifeng, Henan Province, and is the third Asian model to appear on the show. Sofie Stougaard still has a history of marriage before dating Edison Chen.

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On June 12, a netizen exposed a photograph of Zhang Chen and his girlfriend Sofie Stougaard for a hundred-day banquet hosted by Zhang Chen and said that "the 100-day feast of the former supermodel daughter's family portrait feels like a very happy little girl Alaia ..." .

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