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I recently became aware of the experience of one of my close friends from church who was dating another close friend from the church.They were both good people with good hearts and very kind natures.Standing in church at the wedding, two of my mother’s friends greeted me with firm hugs and an even firmer message: “Now that you’ve graduated, you need to find a good husband and get married.” I laughed the statement off and didn’t take much of it. However, the older I became — and as more of my friends married — I heard that statement with increasing frequency.Not only from strangers and random aunties at church but from close family relatives and friends.

I was standing in church at a close friend’s wedding, freshly graduated from university and excited to enter the “real world.” That was also the first time I had heard the Arabic courtesy idiom “o’baleek,” which translates into something like “hopefully, your turn is next.” It was soon to become a phrase I’d hear repeatedly at weddings and engagement parties but it was that first wedding I had attended that marked me the most.

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LONDON - Cultural pressures can make the dating world seem like an overwhelming mine field.

I was getting closer to hitting the mid-20s in my life with no engagement ring on my finger.

An absolute disaster in our Middle Eastern culture.

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