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All you can day from this study is that women like good looking men with dogs.It does not have what world happen if the guy was plain looking.pee outings, daily trips to the park — rain or shine — feelings of guilt when you're away from home too long and unconditional love for a furry friend who depends on you for all their needs.For some dog owners, a potential mate's aversion or allergy to canines can be a deal breaker."For many people, dogs are like their babies," said Therese Relucio, coordinator at Park Slope for Pets.A 20-year old male research confederate, who was chosen for being physically attractive, was trained to carry out two versions of a study.In both versions, he approached women in a pedestrian-friendly urban area, complimented them, and asked for their phone numbers."If the person you are dating doesn't love your dog, they may not be right for you."► CHECK OUT TIPS FOR MEETING SINGLE DOG OWNERS IN THE CITYRelucio also said that understanding how much time a pet needs is important for a potential mate."Dogs need a lot of care and time," she said.

This research sparks some interesting questions: The evidence clearly suggests that dog ownership, or just walking a friend's dog, could improve a single heterosexual man's chances of connecting with a desirable woman.* But would this also apply to gay men?For 120 of these interactions, he approached the women alone; for the other 120, he approached the women while he was walking a dog.The confederate was trained to interact in the same way in both versions of the study; the only difference being the presence or absence of the dog.), and is reliable enough to do the daily work involved with dog ownership.In other words, the dog may signal a set of underlying characteristics that are highly desirable in a long-term romantic partner.

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The percentage of women who agreed to his request jumped from 9.2 percent to when the dog was present. Women, it turns out, perceive men who are walking dogs more favorably than they do men who aren't walking dogs.

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