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From its total population, around 13% of the females and 11% of the males are divorced in Czech Republic.Different mind-set of partners and economic circumstances lead to this high divorce rate and breakdown between the two partners in this European country.It is noted that every year, these statistics keep on modifying, presenting new aspects and prospects in the matter of divorce.You may be interested in knowing which are the countries having high rate of divorce in 2019, so that same does not happens with you, for this refer below sections: Based on the reports of Census Bureau, USA presently shows an ever decreasing rate in marriages.In Cuba, greater population makes bigger issues as persons are enforced under pressure due to meagre economic circumstances.Poverty, criticism, dreadful housing system, all leads to 56% of the divorce rate in Cuba.

In Luxembourg, the rule to move forward towards divorce is that both the individuals must be over the age of 21 and should be married for at least two years period.

In order to reduce this rate, the government of France has also carried out many initiatives so that married people can live peacefully.

On the other hand, rural regions of France have relatively lower rates of divorce as compared to their urban complements, with the north side region of Brittany in France registering the minimum divorce rate.

A recent new trend that’s developing in this island nation, but, is deprived of interest in marriage: several couples are deciding to commit to one another without any ritual or lawful contracts.

It is known that every six out of ten marriages end up in divorce in country-Estonia, totalling the divorce rate around 58%.

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It is known that other reason for high divorce rate in Spain is the financial crisis affecting the clashes among the individuals.

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