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There actually have been two 35-45 events planned in this area recently but they ended up being cancelled due to not enough people registering for them. Of course, as you exit the building you then notice a hot, tall girl rushing into the building and you think... So if you were going to attend a speed dating event and could pick an age range, what would you select? No update, but..would be further reason why PC Americas (ie women) hate dudes traveling (Asia, SA, etc) for women. I've been able to consistently draw attention/date girls around 25-26, in fact, I do noticeably better with them than girls my age.I'm only pursuing mid-20s women now and the occasional early-30s that strikes my eye.

Seems like still roughly: Tier 1: Africa PI DR Tier 2: Other SEA countries Central America Tier 3: EE SA East Asia Mexico Tier 4: Rest of Europe Tier 5: Anglo countries Is it really the understanding that Central American countries (Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa rica, Nicaragua and Panama) accept wider age gaps compared to South American countries like Colombia and Peru? @Lucky Luke Interesting I did not think Mexico was as uptight about age gap... @Cheetah I don't know for a fact only going off friends that have visited there and what I've read.

I'm not saying it couldn't work; however, I'm not interested in someone that much older than me.

I emailed the organizer to find out what age ranges the men attending are as it's advertised on sites other than Meetup-the three signed up on Meetup are mid-late 50's. NO, they didn't prescreen or match us, you sign up if you think you are premium and meet likewise people the opposite sex. ), one was mentally challenged (okayyyyy), one was wayyy to short for me (okay, not his fault), one was just WAY too stereotypical Indian looking and sounding (ok, not his fault) and ONE was okay - we already met for dinner the day after.

Because in Western countries most women are not so poor that they have to date a man who looks old enough to be their grandfather in order to get financial security.

My x gf was 9 years younger and the girl am currently dating is 11 y younger. in the last year I've also banged 3 who were in the 19-20 age range and 2 more who were 23. (sometimes I lie about my age but when they find out they dont care) When I was in Philippines a couple of months ago, I saw White guys who look as old as Harrison Ford with Filipina women who look like they are still in high school.

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Just wanted to bump for any thoughts, updates, trends and realizations.

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