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I only took my flask out for special occasions at nighttime, unless I was on vacation..I could not really understand his need to light up during brunch hours, not to mention, I think we were parked near one of those Big Brother cameras...

So, after the “date” he decides he wants to go to the library to study. I decide to leave.(Side Note: I studied all week, and just came off a stressful week of work and school, so I really didn’t want to study anyways.

Just do it coz you want to do it and you have no monkey on your back. Once my divorce was finalized and going through a bad and unhealthy rebound relationship with a coworker, I went through the online dating thing and it was a fucking disaster on so many levels. But once I got into bike culture and was just riding my bike because I love it, I met my current girlfriend by just showing up to a Tweed Ride by myself where I met her.

So that was kinda strike #1 in that it turned me off.

Yes, I’ve dated guys in the past that have lit-up, hell Klein even shot-gunned me, but that was after the pleasantries, well into our “relationship” in the privacy of our home.

I'm 30, fairly successful, educated and attractive (or so I've been told), but obviously I'm not doing something right.

I read somewhere that DC is one of the hardest cities to date in and I'm finding that out first hand! Any suggestions on meeting single people besides the online apps?

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