Hand's down the most offensive thing I've seen Asian women do (this week) since accidentally loading a buzzfeed article about NYC's dating scene. But all will learn the defintion of Portuguese Breakfast. The horse farm that secured their perimeter to keep her away from the livestock, or the guy with 4 Q's in his name that's keeping her on a 1-token drip for the past 4 hours? And that's coming from a man whos seen Sarah Silverman naked. Listen up you cockeyed scumbag: There are places all over the country that are designated for hucking ham sauce anywhere you please. Meet "AColdness In My Heart", the star of the most extreme self-harm blog that ever existed. but there's something strangely pornographic about how she showcases her wet gaping wounds. Ladies and gentlegenders - I present to you face of higher education.

And much like that editorial, spending more than 5 minutes in the same room as one of these creatures may cause permanent damage. [SONG] [SONG] Essentially this is a public service announcement on the cons and cons of touring San Fransisco. [MORE] Playstation One-levels of animation and someones first experience with Windows Movie Maker goes horribly... So next time, order up a caramel Frap, squeeze into the handicap stall at Starbucks and join the rest of the evolved population you repugnant, bald-headed shit twizzler. My first pay-to-play happened in a Burger King toilet stall. Much like Cardi B's popularity, one has to question why this even exists in and how we got here in the first place. Two semesters spent shotgunning Bud Light and using the sink as a toilet? Thirty five seconds of experienced squabblenecking? [SONG] Much like the Fast and Furious franchise, this series went from "what the fuck am I watching" to How do we get John Cena into one of these scenes? The tipping point involves Morgan Lee's last hurrah before someone convinced her to bootleg Lil Wayno songs. Door Dash your chimichangas and fire up the Demi Lovato playlist, for you are about to witness the pinnacle of peak male performance.

Deep inside a dilapidated trailer decorated with street signs and rebel flags, a couple of questionable relations makes mouth coitus until something goes very wrong.

This mishap, according to the camera man, is the greatest thing he has ever fucking seen.

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registration agreement and has thereby agreed to resolve domain-name disputes brought by third parties in accordance with ICANN's Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the "Policy"). 23, 2002) (where complainant has asserted that respondent has no rights or legitimate interests it was incumbent on respondent to come forward with concrete evidence rebutting this assertion because this information is “uniquely within the knowledge and control of the respondent”). 11, 2000) (finding that “[I]t would be unconscionable to find a bona fide offering of services in a respondent’s operation of web-site using a domain name which is confusingly similar to the Complainant’s mark and for the same business”). The Respondent’s website does offer online dating services.(iii.) Whether Respondent is making a legitimate noncommercial or fair use of the domain name, without intent for commercial gain to misleadingly divert consumers or to tarnish the trademark or service mark at issue.

Broad visibility of your profile: By creating your profile on Affiny, it will be visible on the local variants of our service which use the same platform operated under different brand names.

10, 2003) (stating “nothing in Respondent’s WHOIS information implies that Respondent is ‘commonly known by’ the disputed domain name” as one factor in determining that Policy ¶4(c)(ii) does not apply); Gallup, Inc. The second instantly brought the epidemic back in full force. How/Why semi-concious females go on the hunt for ding dongs that can literally rearrange their organs is beyond my knowledge.Clearly Naudi Nala's parents didn't raise no bitch. In this review I’ll be examining one of the largest players on the UK dating scene, the site is called: Dating What many people don’t realize about Dating, is that the site is actually an almost perfect clone of

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