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Because internship placements are based on your unique interests, everyone’s internship experience is one of a kind.With that in mind, here’s what a number of IES interns who worked around the world this summer did.Because of religious custom and tradition, I can't share any pictures of adults, which leaves me to give you only glimpses of the celebration, through photos of the food, the props and costumes, and the children.

Ceremony over, we stopped for food (usually a many-course meal, but for our purposes only pastries and tea) and photographs, and then got back onto the dance floor!The formula of marriage is changing in Morocco, as young people start dating more and more before marriage and the rules of what is considered appropriate behavior and contact between young men and women are broken more often, especially by the wealthier urban youth.That being said, arranged marriages are still common enough in poorer and more rural areas, and it is still illegal for a Muslim woman to marry outside of her religion or for a Moroccan to marry someone of the same gender.Whereas at the Moroccan engagement, it was a room full of women dancing, the IES Abroad wedding had everyone dancing together—including, in this picture, two of our Arabic professors!I feel so lucky to have been able to be a part of these two celebrations, to see the traditional engagement and the wonderful IES Abroad party.

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