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As we mentioned before many of the girls here will have an interest in foreign men, but they aren’t necessarily keen on having other people know it.

You could approach a smoking hot girl in a coffee shop that would love to talk with you, but if she is with her friends she might be too shy.

In a Southeast Asian nightclub there is always a chance any of the ladies of the night are hookers, but unlike in Apocalypse Now you don’t have to assume every girl at these clubs will be.

For a long time a place like Lush has been considered one of the best nightclubs in Ho Chi Minh City, and it is still strong to this day.

Saigon Square is a very busy place and lots of sexy single ladies go there every day and night.

It is pretty crowded and not the best place in the world to approach girls, but it is definitely a target rich environment.

When girls in Ho Chi Minh City want to get laid they go to: When approach spots are hard to come by for day game and the girls aren’t likely to want to get laid the first time you meet them in nightclubs where should you turn?

Try meeting single girls in Ho Chi Minh City online.

You will see many very sexy girls when you are out and about, but they will almost always be in groups with other locals.There are quite a few parks around, and we don’t just mean the one by Bui Vien.If you head out into the city where girls aren’t as used to seeing foreigners you will probably have a better shot.While you probably will want to stay in District 1 you might have better success picking up girls in other areas of the city where there aren’t as many foreigners.If you like the idea of visiting cities without as many foreigners try Hue.

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