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Be aware of it, and it’s up to you whether you can deal with it or not. This is an obvious no-no in the West, but in Thailand, calling someone fat is not seen as offensive.

Most Thai women are around 40 kilograms, so compared to that, most Western women are quite a bit bigger.

Remain confident, and if he does something that in your culture would be unacceptable, make it known to him without getting angry – accept that there are cultural differences, but be sure to point them out rather than internalising them.

He may turn you down the first few times you invite him into your bedroom. Many girls have experienced the hot-and-cold nature of the Thai man they’re dating.

If it gets that way, but you’re not sure how to end it, here is one phrase suggested by a girl who’s lived in Thailand all her life: “I love you, but as much as I try, it’s not in the way that you deserve.” Don’t expect it to be amicable.

One girl dated a hi-so (high society) Thai guy, and she tells us: “Once you break up, they have a rule that they cannot be friends with their ex girlfriends and if they do, they will be really disrespectful to them.” However, that’s not always the case.

Says one girl: “If you get to meet his family (he will be eager for this to happen if he likes you), try to be as ‘Thai’ as you can without relinquishing your personality.

Try not to take too much offence, but let him know that you don’t like it when he says that.

Many Western women have told stories of their Thai boyfriends getting insanely jealous and possessive. Don’t provoke this jealousy or you could get someone seriously hurt.

Speaking of which, in general try not to wear clothes that are too revealing around him.

Learn some Thai – he’ll really appreciate it and it’ll allow you a much better connection with his friends and family.

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