Dating single loving friendships

Plus I got to meet some women who I hope to soon be able to call friends.

The content, the speakers and the ability to network with other single women made the experience great!

The Single Girls Club is not on a mission to change the social attitudes of the masses, but to educate and give single women the tools to be empowered to live an inspired and whole life as a single woman.

We want single women to celebrate the highs, the lows and the in between as they progress through on their single journey.

” Experience, was first being about to network and meet so many different women and build relationships.

I would absolutely recommend the conference to other single women.

The Single Girls Club Experience contains an array of experiences which includes the Single Girls Club Conference, Power Dating ™, Single Girls Talk and Single Girls Who Brunch.

TSGC connects & empowers single women to live, Laugh, Learn, Love & Enjoy their Single life to the fullest!

This conference just helped me gain my confidence and fire back.

As a 27 year old woman, it was exactly what I needed from top to bottom. Since the Event I am still keeping and Using everything I learned at this event!

I am proud to be honored at an event that was executed in such excellence. I look forward to supporting TSGC Experience.” "I can not express how much today has meant!! Not to be Ashamed of where I am in this season of my life. I can now say with confidence that I am dating, and NOT necessarily one particular guy but having an amazing time during my singles season learning, maturing,and growing for my soon to be Husband!

"The Single Girls Club “Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning ME! Being able to be in a room full of single women and see the energy, excitement, and self love showed me that being single isn't about being lonely and miserable but about living the life you want.

To be given the opportunity to learn from successful, educated, and beautiful women help me walk away with tips for personal and professional growth.

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Her speakers and panelists empowered us to stand in our place of truth, even while challenging us to move our comfort zone.

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  1. As someone who has done both the dating and the casual-sex thing, hookups are much more draining of my emotional faculties..actually, my time." Sure, many women enjoy casual sex — and that's a valuable thing to point out given how old-fashioned society's attitudes on romance can still be.