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And as another friend said to me recently, if that means chained to our kitchen sink because that is what we desire, then so be it. Ideally the innate natures of each party are in line with these roles resulting in a synergistic relationship of mutual delight and adoration.

However, I never thought of living this way 24/7 until last fall when my Husband, now Dom, and I discussed trying this lifestyle as a way to help me deal with chronic anxiety. I can get stuck in a worst-case scenario or processing loop over most any decision.So, if you think of it that way and it’s absolutely my decision to submit to my Dominant, and it’s my decision if at anytime I wish to immediately revoke my submission, I don’t see that I am living in conflict with feminism. One, when we shower together I wash my hair and shave, but He prefers to wash my body with soap and rinse me Himself.When it is time to be washed I stand in the specific ready position as instructed.Again, this only works because I judge Him as wise, just, fair and trustworthy. For them, living this way and deferring their desires to what their men want would probably be repressive to their spirits.I don’t believe in telling people that this is the right and only way to live.

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