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In August 2018, Erik spoke to TV WEEK about the end of the series, saying: “800 Words could have run for more seasons.The plan was to jump ahead a year to see how things panned out, but that’s not going to happen, unfortunately,”.The show hooked viewers with its tale of a newspaper columnist who relocates his family to New Zealand after the sudden death of his wife, and now UK audiences are wondering when the third series will be released.

Nerd Dan fears being outclassed by both other men, both Keegan, who verbally bags on him as a sexually immature sissy, and US infantry veteran Scott, yet is picked for his gentleman courtesy by Diane.

While Anne sees this as a romantic gesture, Hop Pop and Felicia believe that the ritual will be ruined if they do not finish dancing and convince Anne, and a uncaring Polly, that they have to go get them.

While searching for them, they encounter Lovebirds, which in Amphibia are beautiful, but ferocious creatures who swoop up and grab the group.

When she's not busy writing about all things telly related she’s most likely at the cinema, eating pizza or planning a trip away somewhere sunny.

Australian drama 800 Words quickly became popular with UK viewers after two seasons of the show aired on BBC One in 2018.

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