Dating rituals around world

Historically, young lovers in Holland would quite literally jump into bed with one another in the early stages of courtship. Instead, bundling or queesting was an act of intimacy which involved getting cozy beneath the sheets and engaging in everything from deep conversation to light-hearted banter.

The idea was that the pair would get to know one another in this private setting and decide whether they were, in fact, made for one another.

It just goes to show that animals aren’t the only ones capable of exhibiting bizarre courting behavior—not by a long shot.

In the tradition of Valentine’s Day, let’s look at some cultures around the world—and the crazy stuff people do for love.

The ritual actually dates way back to the 16th century when men and women could not so freely date as they can now.If you’re a young, single, hot-blooded American, you’ll know just one fundamental truth: The modern-day dating scene is seriously confusing.From flicking through Tinder to chatting on Bumble, trying to find “the one” is something of a technological nightmare.Also of note is that many Americans wait to get married before having sex.If this is not the case, there’s a three date rule when sleeping together is ‘acceptable’ in the dating world.

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Public displays affection when you’re in a relationship are very common in Brazil.

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