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These should include English, maths and physics (or combined science).You must have good eyesight and be physically fit, as you will have to pass a medical before you can start training.The Imperial I-class Star Destroyer would come to represent the new image of Imperial power and would eventually become the most feared and recognizable image of the Empire, with a mere Star Destroyer usually enough to bring treasonous systems in line through sheer threat of force.Due to their impressive armaments and imposing nature, nearly 25,000 Destroyers would be in operation at the height of the Empire's power.These jobs are often demanding and tend to follow shift patterns.You need to be dedicated and highly disciplined as well as being physically fit.

As a deck officer in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (civilian-crewed ships operated by the Ministry of Defence), you could be responsible for monitoring helicopter movements, specialised navigation and nuclear biological chemical damage (NCBD) control.After the establishment of the Imperial Navy, it became the primary projection of the Imperial Military's arm, becoming the largest branch in the Armed Forces with its enormous fleet of vessels and millions of personnel.Almost immediately, any reminders of the Old Republic were removed, with the Grand Army of the Republic renamed the Imperial Army and Republic Navy reorganized as the Imperial Navy.You could find both onshore and offshore positions with shipping companies, port authorities, maritime insurance companies and shipping brokers.If you’re interested in a career in the armed forces, as a fire-fighter, coastguard, police officer or as private security this is the job sector for you.

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