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Chancellor Angela Merkel and US Vice President Mike Pence will attend a separate ceremony in the Polish capital Warsaw.Liberal authorities organised the separate service in Gdansk, away from the country's right-wing government's ceremony in the capital.Her daring outfits thrust BBC sports presenter Helen Skelton into the headlines during the Rio Olympics (left), winning her legions of fans.But it may have cost her the chance to host future coverage.A senior minister even suggested that the Speaker himself harboured ambitions to be the so-called 'unity Prime Minister' who would replace Mr Johnson and lead an anti-No Deal interim government.And in an article for The Mail on Sunday, Natascha Engel - one of Mr Bercow's former Deputy Speakers - accuses him of being 'in open opposition to the people who voted to leave' and risking the very hard Brexit Remainers want to avoid.

(top left, soldiers parading past the Westerplatte monument to mark the 80th anniversary, bottom left, crowds gather in Gdansk, Poland for the ceremony, top inset, Hitler watching German troops parade after the capture of Warsaw in 1939, and bottom inset an aerial photo of the bombing of the Warsaw citadel) An admin-worker from West London has been left appalled after a Starbucks barista wrote 'Hippo' on her order, rather than her name.A year after being taken captive, Mr Haines was forced to write the letter, in which he also apologised for asking his parents to raise the money demanded for his release.In April, Mr Haines's daughter Bethany (inset right) explained how she and her family were 'sick of waiting' for his body to be found.But despite everything, he still has a photo of the baby he called 'Meggie' (top right) and one of her snuggling up to her father at an American football game (centre) proudly on display in his living room.He says he would love nothing more than to place a framed picture of Archie beside them.

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