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While some slang words and phrases are used throughout Britain (e.g.

knackered, meaning "exhausted"), others are restricted to smaller regions, even to small geographical areas.

It was later abridged to a single volume and released in 1905 as A Dictionary of Slang and Colloquial English.

Often only the first word is used, so plates and twist by themselves become the colloquialisms for "feet" and "girl".British slang is English language slang used and originating in the United Kingdom and also used to a limited extent in Anglophone countries such as the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, especially by British expats.It is also used in the United States to a limited extent.Sometimes the purpose of slang is to cause offence, insults such as wanker or gobshite for example; and sometimes the purpose is to prevent it by substituting a slang word for the offensive one, berk (rhyming slang for cunt) for example.Slang is also used to create an identity or sense of belonging and a number of occupations have their own slang; most notably the armed forces, referred to as Forces or Service slang; and the construction industry. The introduction acknowledges that slang is an ever-changing language with new slang terms emerging all the time.

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Slang, more than any other language, remains spoken and resists being recorded on paper (or for that matter any other medium).

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