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It is, in fact, said that this is the world’s largest building constructed with only stone.

An absolutely monumental structure, the Cathedral of St.

Visiting is free as the site lies in the core of the old city and is dotted with bars and restaurants, shops and museums. The stone walls and stone shelters bear the same layout as when the Greeks cultivated the plain 24 centuries ago.

century, one of the first Christian towns in the world.

Boasting an exceptionally rich culture, Trogir has reaped the advantages of centuries of foreign rule—from the Greeks to the Romans to the Venetians.

The city’s octagonal street layout dates from the Hellenistic period and was improved by successive rulers who added fortifications and gorgeous public buildings.

Idrija became an important mining site when mercury was discovered in the area in 1490.

The current site includes the living quarters of miners, mercury stores, mining infrastructure, and a miners’ theater.

Located in Slovenia’s Karst region, the Škocjan Caves are among the most impressive natural attractions in this part of Europe.It’s an extraordinary system of underground rivers and waterfalls, collapsed dolines and subterranean chambers, including one of the largest known cave canyons on earth.The caves have been designated World Heritage because of their exceptional geological features.An active mine until quite recently, this used to be one of the world’s largest mercury mines.The UNESCO World Heritage Site “Prehistoric Pile dwellings around the Alps” encompasses no fewer than 111 individual sites spread across all Alpine countries.

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This unique landscape features crystal-clear lakes, forest-covered hills, amazing hiking trails and an abundance of wildlife, including wolves, brown bears and a large number of species of birds.

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