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The show debuted in syndication in 1983 and ended in 1994 after more than 2,000 shows, although reruns continued to air through June 30, 1995.

According to the old intro: "Sometimes, our dates have a happy ending, and some other times, there's just an ending.

Throughout the show's run, many bachelors or bachelorettes came back to share the story about their second date (for the date the audience had already chosen for him/her), after their falling attempt of their first date. On Friday shows, a bachelor(ette) would have the audience determine their date, and he/she would report back several weeks later.

If the couple hit it off, they were entitled to a second date at the show's expense.

Other times, the dates went poorly and, in extreme cases, were disastrous.Daters were given for the date (mentioned on a 1985 episode re-aired on GSN) during the show's initial run.This amount was increased to 0 for the 1998-1999 syndicated revival, and up to 0 for the 2017 FOX revival.One marriage resulted when a woman wrote a letter in care of the program to a gentleman that she saw on the show and wanted to meet him.He'd gone out on dates with two different women, both of which went badly. There were at least two proposals on the air after the couples were reunited onstage.

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If the audience vote favored another contestant, or if the date went badly, Chuck would offer to pay up to $75 for a date with the audience's choice; the contestant could choose the second date or elect to remain on his/her own.

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