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Eye contact is usually the first personal connection that begins the seduction. Though he knew Delilah intended to destroy him, due to his three tests that she flunked terribly, he could not resist her daily pressing him with enticing words (Judges 16:1-21).

But intimate words confirm the willingness, express desire in more detail, and persuade the man to yield. It is hard to believe the world’s strongest man went down so easily to a proven liar from a pagan nation.

The third trick is flattering speech to break down a man’s resistance and close in for the sexual kill.

Immodest attire tempts men at a distance without involvement.

These evil women have only a few techniques, which wise men learn to identify and avoid.

First, they expose and emphasize their feminine beauty and shape by immodest dress or conduct to capture his eyes (Pr ; ; Is ).

It is even more exciting when the adoration comes from a new woman, a beautiful woman, or a popular woman.

Young men must be taught against the seducing power and grave danger of a whore’s praise.

Wicked women use this male vulnerability to seduce men into adultery and fornication.

Hard rockers, such as Aerosmith and Bon Jovi, were able to offer a middle ground, softening up their macho images with power ballads that resulted in some of the biggest hits of their careers.

Then there are a handful of acts that just didn't have any love songs in their catalogs, at least as far as we can tell.

Second, these women use their eyes to admire a man and show their willingness to be his sexual partner.

The use of eyes this way is often called “bedroom eyes.” Evil women know how to signal a man that they want him, and few men can resist the look (Pr ; Is ).

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  2. The couple were teenagers when they started dating, and had been together for three years when Worth first scalded Skeel with water, but insidious forms of abuse had already begun to emerge: "Her telling me not to wear the colour grey or that she didn’t like my hairstyle," Skeel wrote for BBC Three this week.