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Thirty-one percent say divorce has fractured other relationships in the church, and 16 percent say it created leadership voids.About 1 in 10 say divorce has hurt the church’s reputation (11 percent), halted its momentum (10 percent), or disbanded an adult small group or Sunday school class (9 percent)." Sources and further information on navigating church after divorce: Divorce and Leaving My Church 3 Beautiful Truths Every Divorced Christian Needs to Know When Christians Get Divorced Another element you must navigate after divorce is your friendships.Why It’s Worth Taking the High Road One of the most important challenges you face after a divorce is making sure your children feel safe, loved and supported through the process.You must understand that your decision to end your marriage will have a lasting effect on your child.Those are all questions you’ll have to wrestle with.Question: "I am in the process of getting a divorce.Further sources and resources on first steps after divorce: What Every Christian Should Know about Divorce Starting Over after Divorce You might not think you’ll ever feel hopeful again.

Sources and further resources for finding hope after divorce: 6 Healing Scriptures for the Woman Who Has been Hurt by Divorce How to Find Hope after Divorce The Day My Marriage Died: Healing in the Wake of Divorce A major consequence of divorce is dealing with broken and often painful family dynamics after a marriage ends.Thankfully, there is a wealth of helpful information out there about navigating church involvement after divorce.According to research conducted last year by Focus on the Family and Lifeway Research, 20 percent of churchgoers no longer attend church after divorce—“and the loss among their children is even higher.” "Pastors say the repercussions of divorce affect others as well.Click here to read their more in-depth summary of how to navigate dating after divorce. You need time to process, reflect and seek help from professionals and pastors who can walk with you as you heal emotional and spiritual wounds. Many questions arise: “Do we continue to both go to the same church? ” “Will our friends and church community look down on us?” Indeed, navigating church after divorce can be a painful, isolating process.

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What kinds of friends should you look for post-divorce?

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