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Besides these characteristics, dominant models of indigenous African marriage stress several key components. Because most African societies value women's productive and reproductive potentials, men and their families are expected to pay money or goods to the woman's family.

Along the coast of western Africa, families offer drinks and kola nuts as a significant celebratory feature of customary marriage a symbol of recognition by the families of the union.But a woman's family might forgo bridewealth altogether in exchange for a set of wealthy, powerful in-laws.Alternatively, they may prefer a man of humble origins who cannot provide tangible wealth but would be willing to work for them for several years, usually at periods of peak labor demand.Paradoxically, only the poorest adolescents in Africa can be considered full decision makers with respect to their marriages: Only those bereft of kin must make their own decisions in adolescence.Because kin groups see the marriages of the young as a way to create links to other groups, they have vested interests in conjugal stability.

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Van de Walle (1993) argues that we will likely find the age at marriage unchanged if we take into account all the variations in survey questions and different types of union.

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