Dating an alcoholic man

Spending so much of my time crying because of pain I inflicted on myself, because I chose to stay where I had no place being.The “here and now” me sees this beautiful place I’m now in, out on the other side and how far I’ve come; and that the feelings I once had for this person, that helped me build the walls of my own prison, are no longer even a memory – they’re just an experience I once had.Many partners of functional alcoholics get caught up in the drama of the disease and become co-dependent.They place themselves in the role of a gatekeeper, or therapist, neither of which they are trained for.

A plan of action is offered to the alcoholic, likely to be rehabilitation or a detox facility.

This can be easy to do, because perhaps right now his drinking has not yet reached the point where he is having critical consequences affect his life.

You tell yourself he still has a job, a home, hasn’t been pulled over for any DUIs, and your relationship is pretty good.

I dated someone in my early twenties (who I had known back in high school), who was a very interesting kind of alcoholic.

He was a weekend binger, who didn’t have a sip of alcohol Monday through Thursday.

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