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Try to look at problems in your relationship as OPPORTUNITIES for love, growth and understanding.To maintain a positive attitude, you have to have a full life — with or without a man.What does change him is the magic power of ATTRACTION. It’s not just physical attraction, but emotional attraction that creates a strong, unbreakable bond between you and a man.For more tips on dating men and relationships, feel free to check out my website and sign up to receive free weekly tips on the secrets of the male mind.

Explain you prefer more communication and a direct approach from the people you date.

From the ins and outs of online dating to how to make a great first-date impression, it’s all here.

Browse the articles below or use the search to find some great dating advice. But is there evidence to suggest those in leadership roles are more wired to cheat? Unless you’re been sleepwalking in the heat you can’t have failed to notice that Britain has a new prime minister.

Don’t stop doing the things that make you feel great about yourself and your life.

Tip #3) Lead with Attraction Talking about your relationship “issues” will never change a man.

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