Dating advice for nice guys

Use to happen to me all the time, until I realized this behavior doesn’t do you any favors. It’s basically saying I am not worth your time, so let me buy you things to make up for it.

It makes you look like you are insecure, and women pick up on this.

If you’re confessing your love before you really even know them, you come off as desperate and needy. Just because she looks hot doesn’t mean she’s the complete package.

Women want a man who is in control of himself, not one that falls at their feet and worships them.

Women like to be a challenge, they like to make it difficult too see if you if you are worth it.

Most men fail because they ask the women what they want to do, then just do that.

You have to learn how to play the game to make women like you, simply sitting on the sidelines wont cut it.

If you are waiting for one to come along and find you, she never will. Through trial and error, I have figured out how to approach and be successful with women, and you can too.

Most guys will make the mistake of being TOO NICE to women and wont get anywhere with them. Women keep their friends separate from their lovers and it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to move from friend to lover.

Avoid the mistakes of the nice guy, and start having SUCCESS with women.

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You shouldn’t need to buy a woman anything to impress them, just being you should impress them enough. You can never use logic and try to convince a woman to date you.

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