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So it is best to decide yourself rather than waiting for things to happen. If it happens during a casual conversation, you can simply say that you said the name of a colleague at work whom you have to interact a lot.

Or you can lie that you blurted out your brother’s or best friend’s name.

Later still, it was 2 a.m., and we paused to sit on a park bench just a moment longer, enjoying the stillness and quiet together.

He laughed a little awkwardly, but was grateful for the honesty. and I discovered that as we’d laughed and talked, time had passed unnoticed. If you have comments, or a true story to tell, email us at [email protected]

is set to take place just a couple blocks from where J., is in downtown Burbank.

The morning of the date with J., I get a message from B.

seems like a nice guy, but I’m more interested in exploring the common ground I’ve found with B.

His return message: “I’m sorry, I’m super busy right now.

But the very first time I introduced myself to my now boyfriend, I said, “Hi, I’m Beth. Your friend [J.] says ‘Hi.’” He looked confused for just a second, and then he put the pieces together to figure out where I’d just been. Affairs chronicles the current dating scene in and around Los Angeles. LOVE STORIES …I got caught on Ashley Madison.com8 lessons I learned about being single in L. I finally asked her: Are we dating, or just hanging out?

met his now-girlfriend a few weeks after the night of my back-to-back dates. We’ve taken trips together and celebrated holidays together.

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fit=1024,536&ssl=1" class="alignnone wp-image-453" src="https://i2com/ resize=499,261" alt="Dating Two Guys - Challenges, Pros and Cons! So – You go on a date with a guy and you two hit it off – you have chemistry and compatibility. Should you continue seeing both of them and trust that your heart will make the right choice – eventually? Maybe you should pick one of them and ditch the other? Should you tell them that you are seeing other people too?

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