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I wake up at 2 am to texts from him about ideas for a fun cam session.He logs in from time to time just to watch me having fun and liking the way I make money.I could see guys who care too much about what others say as having a problem with it (e.g., wouldn't take you home to meet his mom or tell his friends what you do for extra cash).A lot of dudes would have a problem dating a girl that any of his buddies might be able to see naked, so my advise to you is that if you eventually do start dating, be upfront with the guy you're interested in and weed out the ones that would care (you'd likely find a better partner for you if you find someone who wouldn't care about what you do to begin with). I would be a little scared of it become a public issue. I kinda feel like this is asking, would you date a man who flips burgers at Mc Donald's?Sure, masturbating on a webcam isn't hard work in the same way as digging ditches in the sun is considered hard work, but you don't know what those girls go through behind the camera.Of the camgirls I know in real life, one is a hardworking single mother and one of the best moms I know, who also owns a small business; one is spread pretty thin managing a store, balancing her cam work, moonlighting as a professional dominatrix, and volunteering her time for an animal shelter; another has been left severely disabled, and though she doesn't have to work to get by financially, she feels more independent earning her own money. Probably because I also feel obligated to financially support my alcoholic and bipolar father who has been left disabled from an accident and can't work, and has been in and out of rehab and mental facilities for a lot of my life.In my opinion nothing is wrong with a cam girl for me even if she did private shows or such. Sure there will be a ton of guys out there not comfortable but there will also be guys that dont mind. I could separate the woman who I'm dating from the one puts on the act for a cam show.For me, it would be a turn on as long as she had energy left for me. I think he likes the ego boost of knowing that 500 guys are wishing they were him.

They are multiple facets to any person, and dating looks at all of them. No one has made a connection to me online and me in real life, but it's going to happen eventually and I'm prepared for that.I didn't mind, but eventually it was an issue for her.Whenever we would get into an argument, it would come up and she would say things like "Oh, you feel this way probably because of what I do!He just played on his tablet and gave me camera cues the whole time.Look, I get it if you don't want to date a camgirl or sex worker. I wouldn't date a Republican in a million years.

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Personally, I'm a full time college student at an expensive school, an editor of a well-regarded publication, a student worker earning more "honest" cash that barely pays for groceries, and a published author before age 22. I'd also, y'know, like to save and graduate from my expensive school I worked my ass off to get into.

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