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Over 1/3 of respondents were confident that their partners’ cybersex activities were only online, whereas 32% reported the activities resulted in personal contact (and the remaining participants were unsure).

Nevertheless, in case one of the chat room users is actually a minor, the actions of the adult person on the other side of the screen are considered illegal and he or she can be arrested for committing the actual crime.

Recently, the anxiety levels of millions of individuals who have been less-than-faithful to their spouses skyrocketed the moment they read the headline: “Hackers Threaten To Out 37 Million Users Of Cheating Website Ashley ” Suddenly, (supposedly) married individuals who, for whatever reason, had willingly created (and paid for) an online profile on a “top-secret” website targeting married individuals secretly looking for commitment-free extramarital liaisons could potentially be exposed.

This site even allows for one to indicate their sexual preferences and for other members in the online community to “rate” people they’ve met.

As profile owners have acted in secrecy, the have, by definition, violated trust, one of the most fundamental aspects of a committed relationship. Louis) is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in health psychology.

If you’d like to learn more about our book, please click here (or download it here). Click here for other topics on Science of Relationships. She is a research consultant with hospitals, organizations, and corporations, as well as a practitioner.

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