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Unlike other earlier multifocal lens designs, the Re Zoom® lens has proportioned the size of its zones to provide for a good vision in a range of light conditions.For instance, some zones have been designed to offer clearer distance vision during night driving.

Clearer vision is achieved when your eye's natural lens is replaced with the Re Zoom® lens.

How the Re STOR® lens works The Re STOR® lens uses a method of spreading light, called apodized diffractive technology, as well as refractive technology.

Similar technology has been used for many years in telescopes and microscopes to improve image quality.

And if you have Re Zoom® for a strictly refractive benefit, you will never have to worry about cataract development in the future.

Try Re Zoom® multifocal IOL for great vision at all distances! Carter has been studying the technology diligently and utilizing this revolutionary lens to create happy patients all over Dallas.

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It differs from other refractive surgical procedures like LASIK because it involves replacing the natural lens of the eye, rather than reshaping the cornea.

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