Cpanellogd updating bandwidth dating conflicting schedules

Get into the directory /usr/local/cpanel/base and check if any file as ‘awstats.conf’ exists. So a couple quick folder moves and symlinks can clean things up.

This is assuming you have a /backup partition and some room in it. Moving the log folder mv /var/log /backup/ ln -s /backup/log /var/log 2.

You can remove these files using this command: rm -fv /home/*/tmp/Cpanel_* 2.

Remove c Panel update archives Cpanel and Easy Apache updates tend to leave behind files that you probably don’t need.

These can either be cleared off or if you need the logs then you can take a zipped copy and keep it aside. Same can be done for the files in c Panel logs (/usr/local/cpanel/logs) as well . Domlogs – Get into the /usr/local/apache/domlogs/ directory. Restart your server, the quota might be off for that partition and reboot will correct it.

Check for Apache logs like error_log, access_log , suexec_log in /usr/local/apache/logs .

You can clean up all unneeded yum files by running: yum clean all 4.

Remove pure-ftp partials When your users upload files to the server via FTP when your server runs pure FTP as an FTP daemon, the FTP server creates temporary files starting with .pureftpd-upload* that get renamed the the actual filename when the upload completes.

Delete c Panel File Manager temp files When users upload files in File Manager within c Panel, File Manager creates a temp file that may or may not get removed upon upload.Sys-snap is designed to help you see what is causing the resource shortages, whether CPU or Memory related, even when no one is looking.This version of sys-snap is specifically designed to be used via SSH by the root user on c Panel servers, which means that this documentation and application is aimed at Red Hat and Cent OS systems.Servers inevitably have problems when their sys-admins are not watching.While the Daily Process Log in WHM can be very helpful in these situations, sometimes more information is needed than WHM can provide.

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