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Guys have the short end of the stick when meeting women online, and you do have to message a significant amount of hotties to get a reply. Some standardized things about yourself are cool, but always tailor a few sentences to each girl you contact.

Show that you’re curious or have something in common.

And thinking: who in the hell, of even remotely sound mind, would’ve planned and measured it like this?

Rollerblading, I wanted to say, is something I actually might get into, mostly for fitness reasons.

But when you do it right, you can almost read the shit-eating grin on her face when she replies. Harness that energy, and you’re well on your way to a real date.

How You Should End Every Single Message Don’t leave her wondering what you want from her – you’ve got to lead.

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He was looking at it all, so drunk and confounded, like he couldn’t figure out who would have done it.

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